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A roundup of the latest news from Recorder Music Mail ... [LINK]

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The Recorder Magazine

The Spring 2024 edition of The Recorder Magazine is out. Click here [LINK] for cover and details.

Jacks Pipes and Hammers for Early Music

Click here for Jacks Pipes and Hammers for early music enthusiasts, including facsimile scores. Suppliers of sheet music for Early Musicians. Catalogues for flute, Grancino Editions, Green Man Press, Keyboard, Trio Sonata, viol and larger chamber music ensembles.

May Hill Editions

Peacock Press are pleased to announce that they have agreed to publish under licence all May Hill titles. Orders for these editions will in future be supplied by Recorder MusicMail. Click here [LINK] to read Ann and Steve Marshall talking about their decision. Click here for a list of May Hill Music.

Green Man Press

On Cedric Lee's retirement from publishing, Peacock Press took over Green Man Press. Cedric continues as the Editor in Chief for the series and should be contacted on editorial matters. Otherwise all enquiries and requests should be directed to Peacock Press. Click here [LINK] for a list of Green Man recorder pieces.

Provincetown Bookshop Editions

Peacock Press have purchased all publishing rights to Provincetown Bookshop Editions. Ruth is particularly pleased as she has very happy memories of music visits, over many years, to Dr Joel Newman in Provincetown on Cape Cod.
Click here [LINK] for a full list in pdf.

Oriel Library

Peacock Press have acquired the music and assets of Oriel Library. We are honoured to have the opportunity to continue the work of Theo, Cathy and Ian. Click here [LINK] for a list of Oriel pieces.

Alex Ayre's music now typeset as CRCS

All the pieces published by Alex Ayre have been typeset and are available under the code CRCS, listed on this website. They are sold as score and parts; extra parts are availale on request. Full list here [LINK]. Congratulations to Moira Usher and her helpers for bringing this mighty undertaking to fruition.

Recorder Music Direct

Peacock Press now distribute Recorder Music Direct including Hugh Gorton's Recorder Practice series and a number of classical and light works edited for recorder and piano. Click here [LINK] for a list.

Cheap Trills Music

Peacock Press have taken on the distribution of Cheap Trills for England and large parts of the world, printing under licence here in the UK. Music in the Cheap Trills catalogue ranges from Baroque to Modern via folk and Spirituals. The arrangements and editions of Charles Nagel are of the highest quality. Click here [LINK] for a list.

The Clark Collection

The Clark Collection is now being printed and distributed by Recorder MusicMail. Click here [LINK] for a list

Glen Shannon's Original Recorder Music

We are now distributing Glen Shannon's prize-winning original recorder music.


The prices of music from continental sources have increased substantially. Music we already have in stock will be sold at the old price, but the price increases will feed through as we restock. Pieces from Australia are also going up in price as is music from the USA with heavy shipping costs.
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